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Nutritional Recommendation/Requirement

Healthy tissue and a functional movement system require a few things: 1) Healthy movement 2) Rest from that movement 3) Nutritional quality, quantity, and type that maximizes your body”s hormonal responses. I title this as a Recommendation/Requirement because I cannot change one”s dietary choices. Only the individual can. You will make progress on your health, injury rehabilitation, and fitness without …

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Treadmills are bad for running

"Treadmills were designed for cardiac rehab patients to walk and increase heart rate safely. Running, and improving your running, is not possible."

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To Stretch – Part II

This is part two of an educational series about active and passive connective tissues and their ability to move: your flexibility. In Part canadian pharmacy viagra I we addressed WHY flexibility was important, and the two factors limiting your flexibility. Today we will address one of those limits in depth, how it occurs, why it occurs, and how to deal …

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To Stretch – Part 1

In addition to running the Stay Active Clinic, I am the beginner program director of CrossFit Asheville. The following post and the follow-ups t o come were originally written for CrossFit Asheville. Follow the link to see questions/answers/comments related to the article: This is the first part to a series on stretching, or more specifically, on making parts of your …

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What is Movement Health?

I am often asked, “What should I do for workouts?” My basic answer is “something that achieves your goals”. I write workouts for specialized athletes as well as general fitness athletes. For specialized athletes my objective is based on what mo vements they need for their competition and other movements they need for health is supplemental. For a White-water kayaker …

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Arch Support – It's NOT About Your Shoes

Why has that arch fallen? It is NOT the lack of an orthotic. It is poor movement control of the hip, knee, ankle and foot.

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Chiropractic Wellness — The Modern Paradigm

Chiropractic theory is based around healing the whole body. This article is a brief description of wellness and how our clinic approaches this in a unique manner. Chiropractic was started over 100 years ago in Iowa by DD Palmer. The ori ginal premise was that the human body had the ability for health and could heal itself with the building …

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Enhanced Recovery Program

This program is an advanced combination of the services we offer. For those needing to recover in a timely manner due to competitive deadline the Enhanced Recovery Program does just that. Read the article above for a thorough explanation. ef=””>Enhanced Recovery Program

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