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To Stretch – Part III

This is part three of an educational series about active and passive connective tissues and their ability to move: your flexibility. In Part I we addressed WHY flexibil ity was important, and the two factors limiting your flexibility. In Part II, we discussed neurological restriction and a few basics ways to keep it at bay. Today we will discuss WHEN …

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Nutritional Recommendation/Requirement

Healthy tissue and a functional movement system require a few things: 1) Healthy movement 2) Rest from that movement 3) Nutritional quality, quantity, and type that maximizes your body”s hormonal responses. I title this as a Recommendation/Requirement because I cannot change one”s dietary choices. Only the individual can. You will make progress on your health, injury rehabilitation, and fitness without …

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Treadmills are bad for running

"Treadmills were designed for cardiac rehab patients to walk and increase heart rate safely. Running, and improving your running, is not possible."

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